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Music Therapy and Obesity: How Does It Work?

In music therapy, the clients listen to (or focus on) selective musical melodies in a calm and distraction-free room or lab for some time so they can notice the change in their sensory receptors through introspection and biofeedback instrument readings…

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IIT and MBBS Students Suicide: What You Need to Know

“Annually, approximately 13,039 students end their lives in India,” says Singh (2022). On average, every year, 17 students from each district commit suicide, and 36 students across India die by suicide every day. Suicide in India is discussed only when…

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The Best Approach to Overcoming Jealousy for Every Personality Type

The Cambridge Dictionary defines jealousy as “a feeling of unhappiness and anger because someone has something or someone that you want.” So, jealousy comes when we compare ourselves with others and treat others better than we treat ourselves. We should…

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