Category: Practice and Research Ethics

Ethics are moral and lawful principles that not only safeguard the rights of clients and a therapist but also help both of them avoid legal conflicts and foster evidence-based scientific treatment and research practice in all disciplines across the world. Professional psychotherapists, counselors, clinical psychologists, and school psychologists must adhere to the following ethical standards: 
1. Informed consent must be obtained. 
2. Client privacy must be protected. 
3. The goal of all therapy efforts should be to alleviate personal distress and suffering. 
4. And professional competency is needed for all the experts.

Importance of Face-to-Face Data Collection for Research Designs with Human Sampling

This article’s sole goal is to talk with aspirants and students of bachelor’s and master’s degrees completing their mandatory research work for an academic project whose sample is the human population. In 2009, as a first-year college student at Delhi…

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Best Psychologist: Knowing if Your Therapist is Good or Not

Most of the clients are not familiar with the “standards of practice,” or “ethics in counselling” while visiting a psychologist. Before you search “psychologist near me,” make sure you know character of a good therapist both ethically and legally. Regardless…

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