MindGlass Well-Being is a Delhi, India-based organization. We offer psychology graduate students “skills development,” “cognitive behavior therapy,” and “psychology internship” training at our organization. Our team of freelance psychologists works for individual and organizational well-being. Our educational, awareness, and sensitization programmes are based on health psychology, cognitive science, and positive psychology principles. We use a multidisciplinary approach for our education and consulting services, and we work with schools, businesses, and communities to help them. We do training, research, and skill development work for individuals, communities, psychologists, and social work organizations. Our goal is to help people, families, and organizations build on their own strengths to help with recovery, prevention, empowerment, and growth. We run an online counselling center in Delhi.

We work for

  • Training, research, and intervention
  • National and international conferences and seminars
  • Online counselling, offline counselling, individual and group therapy
  • Our new program aims to prevent memory loss and drug abuse among young people and the elderly.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have skilled 500 plus students in psychological counseling skill building and the basics of psychotherapy for postgraduate and fresh psychology graduates in psychology, with only 2 refund requests.
  2. We have delivered dozens of workshops and seminars with appreciation from faculty members and principals of schools.
  3. We have counseled around 500 clients from the IT sector for psychological stress and wellness.
  4. We have successfully conducted two multidisciplinary, virtual international conferences.
  5. We are running one academic scholarly journal and one health and wellness magazine.

What People Say:

We were valued by scholars and professors for our virtual international conference, and we were admired by our trainees.

The same can be confirmed by people who were our interns and clients on trusted platforms like LinkedIn, with their original profiles.